Wikis and Wiki Reactors

Easy, interactive web reactors!

Use Markdown and Bootstrap to create good-looking, interactive websites, easily. No programming required.

Dynamic | self-evolving structure

No need to plan ahead or spend time designing: your website or app takes shape in real-time, as you add content or link to content not yet created (like a TODO note). It's not a challenge to fix mistakes and add content online, as users browse your site!

Interactive | domain driven

Add mods from the growing library, to have interactivity added to your website... blogs, posts, forums, news feeds, twitter etc.

Custom apps | advanced reactors

Progress to our Hacker Class for advanced interactive websites, app modelling, custom layouts and more.






Featured wiki reactor: | enduro blog

Embed in your own JVM application.

You can use the same engine that powers this website and embed the same content in your offline or firewalled app. Embed the wiki engine.

Featured wiki reactor: | creative notes taking app

Not just wikis - create Reactors

Wikis are self-evolving content engines - here you have the advanced features to build self-driving websites: the wiki reactors.

Featured reactors

Websites powered by this wiki engine:


Some of the features of this wiki engine:

  • classic wiki link syntax with customizable extensions
  • authorization, authentication, different levels of visibility
  • WikiPath, surfing the wiki content via built-in wiki-path capability (see this blog: Wiki Domain Models and Racer Kids)
  • domain/category definintion
  • engine driven by the category: guides creation of topics, their properties and relationships
  • scala scripts - there is possibility to embed runnable scala and Javascript scripts in the wiki topics - these scripts are executed when the page is displayed and add complex behavior to the pages, such as displaying the current number of members in a club etc
  • runs on the JVM
  • Java compatible and embedded/embeddable in any Java product
  • mongoDB for storage, customizable persistance
  • etc

Wiki Domain Engine

The Markdown language was created to simplify creating web content.

Read further about wikis and the syntax extensions used:

Read this blog for more details on some of the more interesting R&D topics used in this wiki engine.

Open Source

Project is available on GitHub.

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